Spider Ball 2014 Costume Winners.

Spider Ball 2014 Costume Winners.

Thank you to everyone who entered the contest. Our panel of Theater costume designer judges had difficult task this year in selecting our winners. There was so many great costumes and only a few categories to fill.


Best In Show

Hailley AmaroJustice League Hawkgirl
Every piece of Hailley’s costume was hand made by her.

SpiderBallWinners (23 of 16)  SpiderBallWinners (24 of 16)SpiderBallWinners (25 of 16)







Best Scary

Dan MathisBig Bad Wolf and Little Dead Riding Hood

SpiderBallWinners (18 of 16)








Best Bought Costume

Kyle Admire –  Knight’s Templar

SpiderBallWinners (19 of 16)








Best Homemade

Shalon Demerson & Mykka JasparLeopard Monk of Holy Mystical Creatures and Bone Demon

SpiderBallWinners (13 of 16)








Best Group

JD Davis, Lewis Bryson, Tiffany, Ashley, Rodd, Misti and Jennifer –  American Horror Story “Freak Show”

SpiderBallWinners (21 of 16)








Best Sexy

Jennifer Comsteck Not Pictured



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