Halloween Drinks You can Make at Home!


Angie, dressed as “Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time” shares some fun ways to make Halloween cocktails for your next holiday party on News Channel 6 (KOTV).

Bacardi Zombie

1 oz Bacardi Superior

.5 oz Triple Sec

1 oz ea SweetnSour and OJ

splash grenadine

float with 1 oz Bacardi Select

Serve over ice


Black Widow

1.5 oz Goose L’Orange

.5 oz Chambord

.5 oz Blue Curaçao

2 oz Cranberry juice

.5 oz Fresh lime juice

shake all ingredients over ice and strain into martini glass


Blue Voodoo

1 oz Bacardi Limon

.5 oz Blue Curaçao

1 oz Sweet&Sour

1 oz Pineapple juice

Pour over ice and then top with Sprite


Halloween Party Ice Cubes
Try putting plastic spiders, skulls and gummy worms in ice trays for creepy cubes and the creepiest are Eyeball ice cubes.  Simply take a radish, scrape off red to create veins, scoop out a little hole and push a blueberry in and Freeze in water in ice cube trays.  Remember to allow for more time for ice to freeze with props inside the cubes.

For creepy fog, use dry ice under a protective tray or plastic layer with fresh ice on top and add little bit of warm water for a spooky effect at the drink table.  Remember, never touch dry ice with hands, skin and especially do not eat it or put in your mouth.

Special Thanks to (KOTV) News Channel 6 and Bacardi.

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