Don’t forget your Contest Entry Form!

Contest Winner 3


Don’t forget your contest entry form to be included in the contest tonight!


We have six (6) categories in our costume contest this year. Each Winner will receive a custom made commemorative trophy. Best in Show will receive an
additional $500.00.

* Best Home Made Costume
* Best Bought Costume
* Best Scariest Costume
* Best Sexiest Costume
* Best Couples/Group Costume
* Best in Show + $500.00

To enter the costume contest you must do the following:

1. Download the Entry form and fill this out.
(Spider Ball Costume Contest Entry Form)

2. Bring the form with you to the party.

3. Present the form to the Judges when you arrive.

4. Judging will be conducted in the IDL Ballroom by the stage and entry door.

5. Final Judging will be conducted before Midnight at the IDL Ballroom stage.

6. You must be present to win.

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